Vascularity HD for Genesis 8 Female and Male

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Vascularity HD for Genesis 8 Female and Male

Vascularity HD for Genesis 8 Female and Male
DAZ | 94 Mb

Vascularity HD for Genesis 8 is a set of highly detailed HD vein morphs crafted and
designed to bring added realism to your male and female characters. Dial them in as
strong or as subtle as you like. Great for those muscle bound, fantasy or everyday
Product Features:
- Mapped from medical reference for accurate details.
- Universal morphs that work on any figure shape or blend.
- Compatible with any Morph shapes, HD morphs and UV sets.
- Created with isolated body grouping so a wide variety of combinations and different
looks can be achieved.
- Contains 32 HD morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) and 30 for Genesis 8 Male(s)
- Contains 6 Presets

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