CM - Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Strokes 458049

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CM - Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Strokes 458049

CM - Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Strokes 458049
ABR | 300 DPI | 165 Mb

This set is huge. There's 25 different paint stroke designs sized pretty big and as a bonus huge set of 100 PNG images (25 Different paint strokes in 4 colors). Great for adding a painted texture or use them for branding, scrapbooking, making cards etc. This set is in the 'Rosegarden' palette. You can find matching graphics in the shop.

All brushes are made in Photoshop CC and should work with CS6 and up. You can make your own brushes from the PNG files or use a converter if you own an older version as well.

- What you'll get

After purchase you will receive the files as an instant download in a few ZIP files. The ZIP files will contain;

1 ABR brush file with 25 different brush strokes. Some are over 3600 pixels / 12 inch at 300 DPI ! 100 high resolution PNG files with an average size of 5,5 inches wide/tall. All images are at 300 DPI as well so perfect for print.


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