Themeforest - Wordpress - Fast Blog v1.3

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Themeforest - Wordpress - Fast Blog v1.3

Themeforest - Wordpress - Fast Blog v1.3 | 12.2 MB

What Fast Blog is?

Fast Blog is a WordPress theme with some extra tumblr-like features. It’s perfect for easy blogging and thanks to the WooTumblog plugin (included) you can add posts quickly even from a mobile phone. There are 6 types of posts:
* article
* image
* link
* audio
* video
* qoute
or you can create regular WordPress posts and pages too.
Fast Blog can also work as a regular website.
There is also no need to install WooTumblog plugin, theme works without it with no problem at all.
More features

* 4 widgets
* 73 social media icons
* 4 shortcodes with over 100 variations
* full width page template
* Cufon font replacement
* AJAX contact form (with validiation) working out of the box
* fast, clear, CSS -only, multi-level menu
* full translations support
* threaded comments
* nice Twitter and Flickr implementation (with very important buffering system to avoid exceeding the requests limit and to speed up page loading)
* Google Analytics support (or another tracking system)
* free updates + update notifier
* not bad free suport


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